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    The Early Days of AIDS in the United States

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    Please discuss the social and biological perspective of AIDS.

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    From a biological standpoint, AIDS, at the beginning, was unknown and the societal reaction was reflective of what people knew. The one population regretfully received a lot of bad press and the bulk of the attention. What started out as appearing like mostly a gay man's disease ended up being very different. From a public health standpoint, something needed to be done and the education campaign became mostly toward drug addicts and those specifically that were gay men, since that seemed to be the focus of the problem.

    That was all good and well until women in Africa were coming up with AIDS, as well. Then came Ryan White. When that young boy was found to have the disease, blood transfusions became the next target and all of a sudden, it was no longer just a gay man's disease and the science community realized it had spread to all populations. But until ...

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    The expert discusses the social and biological perspectives of AIDS.