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    Reading Scientific Research Papers

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    I am reading up on a research paper. Can someone explain how using a luciferase reporter gene by being positioned next to the PPRE-containing fatty acyl CoA oxidase gene promoter? Was used to assess the effect of X protein since it was not in the knockout mice? I would appreciate it if it is short and simple so I can understand it.

    The paragraph of interest is;

    The authors then examined how X ( a co-activator for gene transcription) interacts with other proteins that are known to be regulated by a transcription factor called PPARG. PPAR proteins are nuclear receptors that act as transcription factors that exert their transcriptional activation effects by binding to target sequences or response elements called PPRE's.To assess the effect of of protein X, a luciferase reporter gene was positioned next to the PPRE-containing fatty acyl CoAoxidase gene promoter
    The cells used are fibroblast cells from knock out mice. so have no protein X

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    Thanks for letting me work on your post. Here is my explanation:

    The idea here is the luciferase reporter gene is under the regulation of PPRE-containing fatty acyl ...

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