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    Enzyme Induction

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    1. What are the advantages to a microbe of having inducible enzymes?

    2. What are the advantages to a microbe as a consequence of such (inducible) an arrangement of genes, and what is this arrangement called?

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    Inducible enzymes are ones which are either not active or not produced unless their substrate is present or product is needed. This means that the enzyme may need a co-factor to activate it or de-repress it. This may occur at the level of the enzyme or at the level of gene expression.

    Take for example the Lac operon. The unit contains a repressor protein, a promoter, an operator and three genes (lac Z, Y and A) ...

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    Short paragraphs explaining what inducible enzymes are and how this occurs at the level of transcription followed by specific answers to the given questions. Web references provided.