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    Medications administration routes - short essay answer

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    1.Why is oral administration of a medication the most desirable route?

    2.Why can some medications not be given orally?

    3.What medications can be divided for doses? What medications should not be crushed for administration?

    4.What does it mean to â??pour a medication to the meniscusâ??

    5.Why are medications given by rectal suppository?

    6.â??All medications given by rectum are for local effect.â? Why is this statement false?

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    Dear Student,

    Do Consult the reference at the end for more detailed answers. Given below are some guided examples to the questions.

    1. Oral administration is a desirable route for drugs, because they are ingested and get into the blood stream, by being fully consumed through the digestive process. When taken with food, as is listed on most medicines, they do not have as much harmful effect on kidneys and liver.
    And it is much easier to eat a drug than to use it in an IV.

    2. Some medications are to be given through injection, because they have to be injected into the blood stream, ...

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    Medications administration routes: oral, rectal, IV
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