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    Nursing actions before administering Lopressor, and Nitropaste

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    I am stuck on this last question if anyone know what it means. please help. I'm not sure how to answer it.

    Mrs. Deer has been your patient for the past week. As you review her medication profile, you note these three new medications have been ordered. List one nursing action and rationale per medication that must be performed and documented prior to administration of these medications?

    Lopressor 25 mg po BID
    Nitropaste 1" every 6 hours
    KCL (potassium chloride) 20mEq orally every other day

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    In general, these questions test two main things:

    1) Are there contraindications in the patient's history that would suggest they shouldn't have the medication?
    2) Are there drug-drug interactions between the various different drugs that have been prescribed?

    Given that we don't really have a history for Mrs. Deer, it's probably pertinent to ask whether anything taken orally as prescribed is ...

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    A brief discussion on the nursing actions that should be taken before administering a combination of lopressor, nitropaste and KCl as prescribed.