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Income statement & balance sheet

You are the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of this struggling airline, which faces labor problems, cash flow difficulties, and competition from low-cost carriers. The financial details are:

Revenue last year was $400 million

Operating costs were $300 million (20% marketing, 25% fuel, and 55% labor)

Gross profit was $100 million

General management and administration G&A was $100 million

Cost of debt was $90 million

Net operating loss was $90 million
The company has a cash balance of $40 million and $70 million as untapped reserves of debt. The company has assets of $1 billion ($100 million airport facilities, $600 million aircraft, and $300 million in the value of routes and gate slots). Debts are $900 million ($100 million in long-term debt secured by the value of aircraft, and $800 million in unsecured debt for generic corporate purposes). Assume that no AR or AP for the purposes of this project that ownership could be converted to leases for no additional operating cost and that up to $50 million in airport assets could be sold without reducing airline operations. Although routes/gates can be sold, this will have a corresponding effect on revenue. For example a 10% reduction in gates equals a 10% reduction in revenue. The company has 40 million outstanding shares and anticipates a loss of $2.25 per share.

This year revenues will increase by 5% due to new routes. Operational costs will increase by 20% due to higher fuel and labor costs. G&A costs will increase by 3% with an increase in the cost of living. Debt cost will increase by $10 million due to higher short-term interest rates.

Revise the income and balance sheets for the next year based on the new figures.

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The answer contains preparation of income statement and balance sheet from the given information and also preparation of income statement and balance sheet under varying conditions like when there is increase in operating costs, general administrative costs and also increase in cost of debt.