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    Biochemical and behavioural Pharmacology

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    Hi, I have attached 2 calculations file. Using those calcuations, I am supposed to draw a log graph, However, I am totally clueless as to how I am supposed to proceed with it in regards to obtaining curves etc.

    Therefore, If somebody could start me off and give me an indiaction or explanation as to how I am supposed to draw the graph, I would be grateful.


    PS I know there is no log graph attached but if somebody could maybe draw a sample on word or other application it would be great.

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    As a sample explanation, I drew the graph corresponding to the second table on "Calculations.jpg." This is the table that has handwritten underneath it, "Carbachol + 20 nM Atropine." You should be able to do the rest of the data yourself by examining the details below as well as in the attached Excel file.


    1. Transfer the data into Excel by typing the concentration of stock solution into ...

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    Biochemical and behavioural pharmacology is discussed. The process in regards to obtaining curves is determined.