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    Voice Stress Analysis

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    Please help summarize the science behind voice stress analysis biometrics (i.e., how it works) and how it can be used in criminal investigations.
    Identify at least 2 challenges of voice stress analysis. In other words, what are the limitations of its use?
    Provide a hypothetical example of this biometric being used in a criminal investigation.
    Be sure to support your answers with properly cited research and examples of the biometrics applied in the public and private sector.

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    Assistance with summarizing the science behind voice Stress Analysis biometrics (i.e., how it works) and how it can be used in criminal investigations.

    In reference to the science behind VSA, there is actually no valid scientific evidence to validate the claims made by supporters that VSA can detect lying. Nevertheless, the way that the technology operates under the premise that a person's voice emits detectable fluctuation, which is present in two separate forms of modulation including both ...

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    This solution discusses voice stress analysis and its effectiveness in criminal investigations.