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    Organizing Effects Influence on Brain Development

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    Do organizing effects have an influence on brain development?

    Are the organizing effects similar in the development of male and female brains? Or are there differences when it comes to the structure or function of the brain between the sexes?

    Are there any differences in behavior between males and females that can be attributed to these differences? Please provide examples

    Please provide reference

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    It is rather complex to do it in 150 words (not counting references in parenthesis) but hope this helps you. The references below can give you more information if required.
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    The presence or absence of testosterone during the fetal brain development determines organizational sex-related changes in brain structures and functions (Humm, n.d.). Functional or structural sex differences can be found in hippocampal structures, which may help explain differences in the strategies that male and female use to solve spatial navigation problems (McEwen, 2002); the limbic system, rich ...

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    The solution includes a short description (in 150 words) of the organizational sex-related changes in brain structures and functions providing in part a physical reason why woman and men think and behave different.