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    How could a mistake in DNA replication result in mutation?

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    How would a mistake in DNA replication resulted in a change in a amino acid (His 208 Tyr) of the Mc1r protein from a hisidine to a tyrosine in Sceloporus undulates, resulting in lighter skin?

    I think perhaps a mistake could be during DNA replication, or perhaps a change in the mRNA sequence, but Im not sure about the in's and outs of it!

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    During DNA replication, the base that is present can be shifted through what's known as a wobble. Basically, one base is subsituted for another. In the case of the Mc1r protein, a single nucleotide exchange can occur.

    The codon for histidine is CAT (cytosine adenosine thymine). This is changed to the codon to histidine, TAT (thymine adenosine thymine), so a ...

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    This solution includes a description of how defects in replication can cause amino acid substitutions within proteins. Additionally, this solution includes reference sources for further research on the topic.