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Mutualism symbiosis

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Imagine yourself to be a virus and you need to establish infection in an organ of your choice. Discuss how you would revise your plan of survival if your symbiotic relationship changes; either from mutualistic to commensalistic, or from commensalistic to mutualistic.

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This solution describes a hypothetical situation where the reader is a virus and is establishing infection in a chosen organ, discussing what the plan of survival would be if the symbiotic relationship changed from mutualistic to commensalistic and vice versa, explaining both types of symbiosis as part of the response.

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Mutualism is a symbiotic relationship in which two organisms benefit from each other. For example, the E. coli bacteria that live in our intestinal guts provide the necessary help in digesting our food for us, while we provide a safe shelter for the bacteria to live in. If a virus has a mutualistic relationship with its host, it will provide benefits for the host, while the host provides food and shelter for the virus to multiply. There have been mutualistic and beneficial viruses that exist in many ...

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