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Outbreak of a disease as recorded by the CDC

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Please help with the following problem.

Search the CDC website and find an MMWR article describing an outbreak that involved multiple federal, state, and local agencies, and/or a public/private partnership. List the various players/agencies, and give a brief description of the roles of the various players/agencies in the outbreak.

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In general, any outbreak often involves a municipal and federal agency, namely the local health department and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Sometimes the municipal data and reports are analyzed by state departments of health as well, but often times serious outbreaks are almost immediately followed up by CDC.

On the private/public level, most outbreaks are also most often first identified by hospitals and clinics, often privately owned (In the U.S.). ...

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The following posting discusses the outbreak of a disease recorded by the CDC. Concepts discussed include the various players and agencies and their roles during an outbreak. The solution is 278 words.