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microbiology: cause-and-effect flow sheet

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Using the Internet to create a one-page cause-and-effect flow sheet. Your flow sheet should include the following:

Various factors that lead to frequent outbreaks of the disease

Stages of disease progression

Clinical indicators of the disease

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The expert examines the cause-and-effect flow sheets in microbiology.

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The main idea here is to try and visually organize all your information into something organized.
It appears your instructor has already outlined what kind of information you need, but just to reiterate:

Various factors that lead to frequent outbreaks
Focus on things that allow the organism to thrive and survive, and factors directly related to humans that contribute to the organism's ability to survive. For example, poor hand hygiene, or small, still amounts of water promote mosquito reproductive success which in turn, can allow malaria to spread.

Stages of disease progression
With certain pathogens, particularly viruses, there are various stages in the ...

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