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Classification of Organisms

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Assistance with the following multiple choice science questions.

1. Paleontologists have found fossils dating back 3.6 billion years. These closely resemble..

2. The endosymbiont hypothesis suggests that the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells are descended from captured

3. Eukaryotic cells are thought to have...

4. Of the following, which kingdom contains the most diversity in terms of DNA sequences?

5. Atmospheric chemists think that Earth's first atmosphere...

6. In bacteria, the cell wall is composed mainly of

7. What is the main difference between protists and bacteria?

8. The Cambrian Explosion provided a wealth of fossil remains for scientists to uncover. Many of the animals from this time period had tough skins or shells. This would

9. Some bacteria can form resting structures called ___________ that can withstand extremes in temperature, moisture, and radiation.

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Assistance with multiple choice science questions about eukaryotic cells, bacteria, protista, Cambrian Explosion and more.

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