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    membrane trafficking pathways in cell migration

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    Please describe evidence for membrane trafficking pathways in cell migration, and give a couple examples and references.

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    Cellular membranes are made in a cell's biosynthetic pathway, and become differentiated as the components of the membrane are divided into various membrane-limited compartments.

    Studies of this biological phenomenon have been successfully conducted on models such as the single-celled Paramecium organism. Along with the biosynthetic pathway, investigations have included membranes of the regulated secretory pathway, endocytic pathway, and phagocytic pathway. The paramecium is a multi-polarized cell such that it contains several different pools of membrane-limited compartments, which are selected for exocytosis at specific sites at the surface of the cell. Therefore, the approach that is used by this cell to sort and package its membrane subunits into different ...

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    Cellular membranes are carefully examined and referenced in this guide. Additionally, this solution provides two reference sources for further research of the topic.