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    Autonomic Nervous System Innervation

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    Please help me fill in the blank for first 2 questions and brief answer for 3rd.
    1. During exercise, the heart rate will increase above 100 beats per minute. This is the result of higher centers of the brain activating the (Blank1) (Blank 2) in the (Blank 3) which will produce output from the (Blank 4) division to depolarize the (Blank 5) (Blank 6) of the heart.
    2. Will stroke volume increase or decrease in each of the following situations? a. Your friend jumps out from behind a door and scares you.(Blank 1) b. An anesthetic decreases the strength of contraction of your ventricles. (Blank 2) c. When you are exercising, contraction of skeletal muscles returns more blood to the heart.(Blank 3)
    3. Why there are two neurons in the autonomic system efferent pathway when there is only one in the somatic efferent pathway. Explain why the disynaptic circuit is necessary.

    Thank you

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    1. cardiovascular center, medulla, sympathetic, sinoatrial node
    2. increase, decrease, increase
    3. There ...

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    This solution discusses ANS regulation of the cardiovascular system, and the importance of the disynaptic system in ANS.