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properties of the alveoli

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Info that just answers the question, no extra info. Textbook is bad! Must be in our own words to demonstrate understanding. This is an introductory class, not advanced!

1. What are the properties of the alveoli that make them ideally suited to their function? Discuss the structure and function of the lung in detail. What is the effect of emphysema on surface area of the lungs? What is the significance of this effect?

2. You decide to move your finger. Clearly detail the steps involved. Start at the point where your brain sends a message to nerves that go to muscles of your finger. Include a discussion of how the nervous system controls muscle cell reactions as well as the sliding filament theory of contraction. What evidence supports the sliding filament model of contraction? how are a hypotheses and a model related?

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The properties of the alveoli are emphasized.

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