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    hormonal feedback loops

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    1. Explain how hormonal feedback loops work.
    2. What is a set-point?
    3. What is leptin, and how does it affect appetite?
    4. What role does the melanocortin 4 receptor, or MC4R, play in obesity?

    If someone asks you if obesity is genetic or behavioral, how would you respond? Do you think obesity is an epidemic? Why or why not?

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    A feedback loop is quite like the thermostat found in any home, but a little more complex. There may be negative and positive feedback loops. Consider these examples: Tissue A secretes Hormone A into the bloodstream in an effort to stimulate Hormone B secretion from Tisse B. As blood levels of Hormone B rise, they act on receptors on cells of Tissue A. A signal is transmitted into the cell and Tissue A slows or halts production of hormone A ...

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    This solution also evaluates obesity as genetic or behavioral.