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Feedback Loops in Business

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Hi, I am currently learning about feedback loops and the ideas behind balancing and reinforcing loops and whether or not that is useful. However, I am having some difficulty fully understanding the topic and answering the following questions below.

- Can you provide examples of these "loops" in an organization to which you belong? Put yourself in the place of a member of the top management team at Industrial Services of America, Inc. How might you use the concept of feedback loops to improve the business and manage better?
- What are the implications of feedback loops for organizational strategy?

Please provide references.

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Feedback loops in business is examined. Examples of these "loops" in an organization to which you belong is determined.

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Business Review TD5:

The idea of balancing and reinforcing loops is considered to be useful since they provide an interaction between the interest and the principal within a reinforcing loop and attempts to solve a problem or achieve a goal within the balancing loop's representative (Bellinger, 2004).

Feedback loops have the capability of enhancing the buffer changes which may occur within a system. Changes are amplified by positive feedback loops since these loops have the tendency of moving a system further from its state of equilibrium resulting to the system becoming unstable. Negative feedback on the other hand enhance a system's ...

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