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Feedback Loops in Business

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Hi, I am currently learning about feedback loops and the ideas behind balancing and reinforcing loops and whether or not that is useful. However, I am having some difficulty fully understanding the topic and answering the following questions below.

- Can you provide examples of these "loops" in an organization to which you belong? Put yourself in the place of a member of the top management team at Industrial Services of America, Inc. How might you use the concept of feedback loops to improve the business and manage better?
- What are the implications of feedback loops for organizational strategy?

Please provide references.

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Business Review TD5:

The idea of balancing and reinforcing loops is considered to be useful since they provide an interaction between the interest and the principal within a reinforcing loop and attempts to solve a problem or achieve a goal within the balancing loop's representative (Bellinger, 2004).

Feedback loops have the capability of enhancing the buffer changes which may occur within a system. Changes are amplified by positive feedback loops since these loops have the tendency of moving a system further from its state of equilibrium resulting to the system becoming unstable. Negative feedback on the other hand enhance a system's ...

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Feedback loops in business is examined. Examples of these "loops" in an organization to which you belong is determined.

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Integrated Case Project: System Feedback Loops for National Presto Industries Inc.


In this final Case of the Integrated Case Project, you will take a look at feedback loops in National Presto Industries, Inc. Identify one Balancing Loop and one Reinforcing Loop. Draw on the background readings from this module in constructing your diagnosis. Within each of these feedback loops there are opportunities for learning and improvement.


Bellinger, G. (2004) Introduction to systems thinking. Retrieved from http://www.systems-thinking.org/intst/int.htm


You need to present two cases in this paper. For each Feedback Loop (Balancing and Reinforcing) Make a Case for the Learning Opportunities.

Be sure to include references.


This is what you need to do:

*Generate evidence for the grounds of your cases. Describe each Feedback Loop that you identify in National Presto Industries, Inc. and explain why you selected them. Make sure you explain the Loop, the cause and effect process within the Loop. You could also include a Causal Loop Diagram. If you do, show the arrows and direction of affect (+ or -). Also, determine what the warrant is for your case.

*Briefly discuss the theory of organizational learning (the warrant and additional grounds.

*Identify the opportunities for organizational learning in each Feedback Loop. Make a Case that these are learning opportunities. Logically show how the feedback process provides an opportunity for the organization to learn and improve its performance. Be precise. Depth and breadth in your discussion is always a good thing.

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