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    Death from cancer through radiation exposure

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    A Radiology Tech, died of cancer believed to be caused by many years of exposure to radiation. Death due to Cancer is seen to be at much higher risks for certain occupations.

    Could the cancer been caused by some other agent/s? Being specific in your own words

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    Certainly it could be. But the question is VERY unspecific. We do not know what kind/type of cancer the patient died of and that is rather important in order to discuss other possible causes. Radiation can cause cancer in most organs and tissues but other causes are often more organ and tissue specific. So without knowing the cancer type this is more a matter of speculation than anything else. But take leukemia for example. Yes radiation can cause leukemia but most leukemias (also in radiology ...

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    The expert examines the death from cancer through radiation exposure. The higher risk occupations are determined.