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    Maslow's Hierarchy

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    In a typical workday, which of the needs noted in Maslow's hierarchy motivates a person (such as a student or teacher) to engage in various activities?

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    Let's outline the five basic needs in Maslow's hierarchy:

    1. physiological
    2. safety
    3. love/belonging
    4. esteem
    5. self-actualization

    If we look at a typical individual in the course of his day, we find out that every one of these five basic needs help to motivate and drive a man to fulfill his purposes. Let's the consider the first basic needs: physiological needs. Without food and water we all come to nothing fairly quickly. Therefore, there is within all of us a basic drive to work. To a certain extent work justifies our existence and leads us to acquire the basic necessities in life such as food and water. Consider elimination (bathroom activities) as another basic physiological need. Clearly, one must take the necessary time throughout the day for these activities.

    The second level of safety needs is pretty important for an ...

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