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    Central Canal, Lacuna, Osteoporosis, Spinal Column and Superior Articular

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    1) How does the central canal differ from a lacuna in terms of location and material found in each respective space?

    2) In the disease osteoporosis there is a significant loss of spongy bone. Explain how the loss of this specific bone material can weaken a bone.

    3) The superior articular process of a vertebra articulates with what specific structure?

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    1. Lacuna is a small cavity in which osteocyte is contained . Running through the core of each osteon is a canal (central or Haversian canal) which contains small blood vessels and nerve fibers. The structural unit of compact bone is called the osteon or Haversian system. Each osteon is an elongated cylinder oriented along the long axis of the bone.

    2. Spongy bone (also known as trabecular or cancellous bone) are the mineral deposits arranged as a system of struts. Bone ...

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