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    Spinal Cord and Roots

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    Describe the spinal cord, depicting its extent, its composition of gray and white matter, and its spinal roots.

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    The spinal cord is located within the vertebral canal of the vertebral column. It is protected by connective tissue coverings called meninges that encircle the spinal cord and brain.

    The spinal cord is cylindrical but somewhat flattened slightly. It extends from the medulla oblongata to the superior border of the second lumbar vertebra. Viewed externally, one can see two conspicuous enlargements. The superior one is the cervical enlargement and the inferior one is the lumbar enlargement. Two grooves divide the spinal cord into right and left sides: the anterior median fissure (which is deep) and the posterior median sulcus ...

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    The spinal cord, its composition, and roots, are described.