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    Anthrax, Acne, Lysozymes and the Blood Brain BArrier

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    1. How does the activity of lysozymes protect the eyes from microorganisms?

    2. Which conditions favor the development of acne?

    3. Why is the blood brain barrier considered both good and bad?

    4. Describe the four different locations where an anthrax infection can occur. Which are the two most common sites?

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    1) Lysozymes deteriorate whatever substances are put into them via enzymatic breakdown. In this sense, any pathogens that make it into a lysozyme can be considered neutralized, because there is little chance it will survive the enzymatic breakdown inside the lysozyme. In this sense then, lysozymes protect eyes by preventing infection.

    2) Acne typically develops when natural pores in the skin are clogged ...

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    The expert examines anthrax, acne, lysozymes and the blood brain barrier. The expert describes the four different locations where as anthrax infection where an anthrax infection can occur.