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A Discussion on GABA Receptors

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Please discuss the following: Why are GABA receptors found in all neurons in the mammalian nervous system.

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In this solution I define GABA receptors, which are the most common chemical receptors in the mammalian nervous system. I describe the types of receptors and the subunit component of these receptors as a means to explain why they are so widely variable between different neuron types. This solution is about 355 words and includes references to utilize for further information.

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Why are GABA receptors found in all neurons?

GABA receptors are one of the most common kinds of chemical receptor in the mammalian nervous system. There are three types of GABA receptors labeled, GABAa, GABAb, and GABAc. GABAa and c are ionotropic receptors, while GABAb is a metabotropic receptor. All GABA receptors are considered inhibitory because when GABA binds to these channel receptors, they reduce excitability of the neuron (by allowing the entry of chloride ions into the neuron and depolorizing the cells below action potential threshold). While GABA is the natural target ...

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