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    Effect of migration on pehnotype frequency

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    Migration occurs at a constant rate between two populations of field mice. In one population, 65% of the population are white, in the other population, only 15% are white. What would you expect to happen to the allelic frequencies of these two population over time?

    Please provide am explanation of what will happen to the two populations over Time. only looking for generalities, like the ratio will remain the same or you would expect the 15% population to have an increase because of XXXXX.


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    The Hardy-Weinberg theorem is a way of determine allele frequencies within a population with stable allele inheritance (ei no natural selection, genetic drift, bottle neck effect, migration, non-random breeding etc.). In such a population the dominant phenotype becomes more dominant and the less dominant phenotype ...

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    Several paragraphs on the effect of migration on phenotype frequency. Web references provided.