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    Problems About Enzymes

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    Would you help me with the following questions?

    An enzyme is found that catalyzes the reaction Aï??B. Researchers find that the Km for the substrate A is 4 uM, and the kcat is 20 min-1.

    a. In an experiment, [A]=6 mM, and the initial velocity, V0, was 480 nM min -1. What was the [Et] used in the experiment?

    b. In another experiment, [Et] = 0.5 uM, and the measured V0 = 5 uM
    min-1. What was the [A] used in the experiment?

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    For these questions it is important to keep your units all worked out.
    The two equations to have in mind:
    V0 = (Vmax . [S])/(Km + [S])
    Vmax = Kcat [E]tot

    a) V0 = 480 nM min-1= 480 x ...

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