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    Rate of Reaction of a Kinase

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    An investigation was set up to observe the effect of varying concentrations of the substrate galactose(S) on the rate of reaction of the kinase,v, with and without an added artificial nucleoside monophosphate (UMP)similar to AMP.

    Data is given below:

    rate of reaction v/nmol min^-1

    Galactose/umol l^-1 UMP absent UMP present
    0 0.0 0.0
    10 1.8 8.8
    15 3.5 12.8
    20 6.6 15.7
    30 21.7 17.9
    35 25.2 18.6
    40 27.0 18.8
    45 28.0 19.0

    1.plot a graph using the data to show the rate of reaction of the kinase, v,against the concentration of galactose (S),with and without UMP. Plot both on the same graph using the same axes. Can be either hand drawn or computer generated.

    2. looking at the shape of the graph in the abscence of UMP what conclusions can be drawn about the general behaviour of the kinase.

    3. what effect if any did the UMP have on the activity of the kinase and how is this effect brought about.

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