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    Examples of how humans have increased their food supply

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    In the United States we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of food, and much of this is due to our agricultural technology. However, there are many concerns about our food source including genetically modified crops, the use of more chemicals, and climate change just name a few.
    Give examples of how humans have increased their food supply and what effects these methods have on the environment overall.

    Discuss concerns you have about the overall safety of the food you eat?

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    The first thing that comes to mind is cattle. The huge waste of land use for the raising, and slaughtering of animals that throughout the evolution of the planet has never taken place before. It is not natural for the land OR the animals. It's all they know but between the excessive use of corn and therefore growing of the product in mass scale and large animals, especially, as beef, we are really altering the geography and ecosystem of our planet.

    Corn use is very prevalently used in many cultures, and in so many ways that most people do not realize (corn syrup, in so much food most people buy, to name one). For this reason, with the high demand, comes a need to produce a huge supply.

    According to MICHAEL POLLAN, (Industrial Corn-Destroying, Our Health & Environment, When a Crop Becomes King, NY Times, 7-18-02), corn hybrids are the greediest of plants, using more nitrogen fertilizer than any other crop. It requires more pesticide than any other food ...

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    Wasted land use, animal slaughtering, population rise and decline are some of the topics discussed with regard to US food supply.