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    New phenotypes

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    Please help with the following problems. Provide step by step calculations.

    1. One form of color blindness in humans is caused by a sex-linked recessive mutant gene (c). A woman with normal color vision (c+) and whose father was also color-blind marries a man of normal vision whose father was also color-blind. What proportion of their offspring will be color-blind? (Give your answer separately for males and females)

    8. (6 points) Two drosophila flies that had normal (transparent, long) wings were mated. In the progeny, two new phenotypes appeared, dusky wings and dipped wings. The progeny were as follows:

    Females 179 transparent, long
    58 transparent, clipped

    Males 92 transparent, long
    89 dusky, long
    28 transparent, clipped
    31 dusky, clipped

    a. Provide a genetic explanation for these results, showing genotypes of parents and of all progeny classes under your model.

    b. Design a test for your model.

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