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    Homologous and sister chromosomes

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    1) Discuss the concepts of homologous chromosome - diploid and haploid. What characteristies are shared between two homologous chromosomes?

    2) If two chromosomes of a species are the same length and have a similar centromere placement but are not homologous, what is different about them?

    3) Contrast the genetic content and the origin of sister versus non-sister chromatids during their earliest appearance in prophase 1 of meiosis. how might the genetic content of the tetrads changed over time after having aligned at the metaphase plate during metaphase 1?

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    Homologous chromosomes are chromosomes that are the same size and length as each other. They also stain the same when karyotyping. They both have the same genes at the same locations on their chromosomes and in the same order. The homologous chromosome pair is the result of a ...

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    Homologous and sister chromosomes are examined.