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    Codominance in coat colors of palomino horses

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    D1 and D2 are a pair of codominant alleles involved in the inheritance of coat colors in horses. Genotypes homozygous for D1 produces chestnut [reddish], heterozygous genotypes palomino [golden color with lighter shade of mane and tail] and homozygous for D2 cremello [almost white].

    a) Determine the probable palomino: non-palomino ratio amongst the offsprings of palomino only matings.

    b) what percentage of the non-palominos can be expected to breed true?

    c) what types of matings would produce only palominos?

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    D1D1 - Chestnut; D1D2 - palomino; D2D2 - Cremello

    a) D1D2 x D1D2 ...

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