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    Topography prediction, membrane-spanning domain, electron spin analysis, C-terminus, N-terminal

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    I can understand the information given about the protein and what each one of them means separately (somewhat), but I can't predict topography.

    Please advise.

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    The hydropathy plot tells you that there is one strongly hydrophobic region. This tells us that there is probably one membrane-spanning region.

    Protease digestion verifies this evidence. Alpha1 and Alpha2 domains are the only regions which are spared digestion, indicating that these regions are more than likely intercalated in the membrane. The two alpha domains are separated by a stretch of 8 amino acid residues which is exposed to the protease digestion. CD analysis shows that these alpha regions prefer to form alpha-helixes, which is the characteristic secondary ...

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    Detailed description of the lipid by layer in a membrane.