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    Tripeptide Properties

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    Tripeptide1: Tyr-Lys-Met
    Tripeptide2: Gly-Pro-Arg
    Tripeptide3: Asp-Trp-Tyr
    Tripeptide4: Asp-His-Glu
    Tripeptide5: Leu-Val-Phe

    Which one of the above tripeptides:
    a. is most negatively charged at pH7
    b. contains the largest number of nonpolar R groups
    c. contains sulfur
    d. will have the greatest light absorbance at 280 nm

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    For these questions, try and find your table of all the amino acids.

    a. negatively charged ...

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    This solution contains brief descriptions on the properties of tripeptides in terms of charge, pH, nonpolar R groups, and light absorbance properties.