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    What are peroxidase?

    - Include a brief description of the general type of reaction they catalyze.
    - Describe a metabolic pathway from any organism (bacterium, plant, animal) that peroxidase is involved.
    - Include the name of the specific peroxidase, the components of the reaction catalyzed by the peroxidase and the name of the organism.

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    I will use a number of sources for information about peroxidase enzymes - these will be cited with weblink when possible so you can look at the references yourself for further information.

    From Wikipedia:

    A peroxidase (eg. EC is an enzyme, which may contain heme, that catalyzes a reaction of the form:
    ROOR' + electron donor (2 e-) + 2H+ → ROH + R'OH
    For many of these enzymes the optimal substrate is hydrogen ...

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