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    Alcoholism and Vitamin Deficiency

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    How does high level alcohol consumption cause vitamin B6 (pyridoxal 5'-phosphate) deficiency?

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    The following two papers shed good light on the question of how high level alcohol consumption causes vitamin B6 deficiency.
    <br>(1) J Clin Invest, 1975 May; 55 (5): 1026-1032, "Vitamin B6 metabolism in chronic alcohol abuse The effect of ethanol oxidation on hepatic pyridoxal 5'-phosphate metabolism." by R L Vech, L Lumeng, and T K Li
    <br>They studied the phenomenon in rat, chronically feeding ethanol to rats for 6 weeks. Essentially, the same results were seen in perfused hepatic livers. Effects in vitro were abolished by 4-methyl ...

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    The solution discusses alcoholism and vitamin deficiency.