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Does sky blue paint keep wasps from building nests?

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Your neighbor added a farmer's porch to his house and painted the ceiling of it blue. When you asked him why, he told you he had read that the sky blue ceiling would fool wasps into thinking it was the sky and they would not build any nests under the eaves of the porch or along the ceiling. Would a blue ceiling really deter wasps from building nests on the porch?

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This short solution considers the question about how insects see colors. Do wasps and bees get dissuaded from building nests thanks to a blue paintjob? Find out here! One source is provided for extra reading and clarification.

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Wasps see colors differently than humans. We see combinations of three different colors, red, green, and blue. When we see a blue painting like that in the question posed, our "blue" receptors get activated by the light being reflected from the paint.

Insects, on the ...

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