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Salsa, Reggae and Caribbean Latino Music

Describe briefly some of the ways in which immigration to the United States (and New York in particular) affected the music of the latin Carribbean. Be specific.

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Since this topic is so vast, I merely skim the surface to help. Yes, most music critics and historians see the link between the origins and spread of Latin American music such as Salsa, Reggae, and other genres of Caribbean Latino Music .

For example, you might cite how Salsa's origins are found in the culture of Afro Cubans. However, massive Latino migration to New York, specifically allowed this music to gain momentum in American and worldwide. Experts suggest that musicians "from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and South America gathered to the Big Apple to entertain their fans. They each brought their own brand of music, but as they played together Latino musical fusions emerged, and Salsa is one of them. Music historians believe Salsa was played by Cuban immigrants and Puerto Rican transplants in the clubs of ...

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Salsa, Reggae and Caribbean Latino Music are briefly discussed.