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    Essay on censorship of music, movies, video games

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    Violence in video games, movies, and music should be censored. Agree or disagree?

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    Your posting did not specify what formatting protocol you are supposed to use for this assignment. APA and MLA both use different word choices, and differ in the citation requirements for outside references that you might use to support your arguments. I will assume that this is not part of your requirements with this assignment, and that you are being asked to write a persuasive essay using your own knowledge and opinions.

    First, I suggest that you brainstorm for a few minutes. Write down all the ideas you can think of about violence in the popular media. Then, arrange them in a logical order so you can discuss them. Add or throw out ideas, as needed, in this step. Look at your ideas and consider whether most of them are in agreement or in disagreement with the idea that the media is causing violence. This wll help you decide ...

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    Directions for writing an essay that is a discussion of censorship of violence in movies, music and video games