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Dying Gaul, Gallic Chieftain comparisons

What do the sculpture of a Gallic chieftain killing himself and his wife and the sculpture of a dying gaul have in common stylistically and thematically?

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Web sites containing images and commentary about both of these sculptures are located at and

Both sculptures are Roman copies of original statues which are now lost. The Gallic Chieftan was originally in bronze from Pergamon, and the Dying Gaul was originally in Bergama, Turkey. So, one similarity is that both existing sculptures are copies of now-lost originals, and both were copied by Romans. Romans were great "borrowers" of the great works of other cultures - usually ones that they had conquered. At least they had good taste!

Another similarity ...

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Two Roman copies of now-lost original sculptures are compared for style and theme, with Web-based references and image citations.