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    Maket of Trajan versus Forum of Trajan

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    Differentiate between the Forum of Trajan and the Markets of Trajan. Relate their architectural features to their purposes and intended benefactors.

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    A scholarly (NOT Wikipedia) Web reference for images and discussion of the Markets of Trajan is located at http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/Markets_of_Trajan.html

    The forum of Trajan scholarly site with commentary and images: http://eng.archinform.net/projekte/10044.htm

    The market of Trajan was essentially a shopping mall. It was subdivided into shops and businesses to serve the public living and ...

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    Brief description of the Market of Trajan and the Forum of Trajan in Romem describing the difference between the two and their different purposes. Scholarly Web-based references cited for additional commentary and images for any paper that might be required on the topic.