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    A 450-word solution to a question regarding the use of context in an artwork's meaning.

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    What is context? How can it be used in deriving the meaning of an artwork?

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    The context of an artwork involves anything that connects the artwork to the outside world. Among the most common are social, political, and historical. Unlike form and content, an understanding of context requires outside research. As you read the following examples, keep in mind that any number of factors can influence context.

    Social Context: Anna Vallayer-Coster, Still-Life with Lobster (1781)
    As you examine each of the items in this still-life, look at the food and containers. Ask yourself which social class had access to such objects in the eighteenth century. How likely were peasants to eat lobster and serve their food, beverages, and condiments in silver pots and crystal pitchers? When you discover that the upper classes ...

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    A 450-word solution to a question regarding contextual analyses of art. The solution highlights three common examples of context using an eighteenth-century painting, a nineteenth-century lithograph, and twentieth-century photograph. Sources consulted for this solution are valid as of August 21, 2017.