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Cultural Traits within Dominant and Minority Groups

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Which cultural traits of Africian Americans, Native Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans and Puerto Rican Americans are most similar to traits in the dominant group? Which are different? How do the similitaries and differences influence interactions between minority groups and the dominant culture?

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Let's first look at the question, so we're sure to answer it properly. By the way, I've attached my response as a Word document, as well.
<br>1. The problem asks you to think first about cultural traits. Be sure you are clear as to what a cultural trait is. Language is one. What people eat is another. Religion would be another. How you dispose of the dead is another. There are huge numbers of cultural traits. You shouldn't have any trouble coming up with them.
<br>2. Then you are asked to compare the various 'minority' group traits with those in the dominant group. Be sure you know which one is the dominant group. I'm assuming that we're talking about America, so it should be pretty obvious. Try not to deal in stereotypes. Not all Chinese Americans eat with chopsticks! Not all members of the dominant group are rednecks!
<br>3. Then the real thinking starts. You've been asked to think about the interactions that occur between the dominant group and the others. This question asks you to really think, and think deeply about the way each group relates to the other, and what's behind those relationships. You will be drawing on your readings and on ...

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