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    Identify the Population in this Study

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    The intent of the survey was to identify park and recreation facilities and activities that citizens participate in, are interested in, and would like to see built or provided. A total of 2,406 surveys were distributed by the Town of Suhuarita Parks and recreation Department to gain a clearer understanding of the various attitudes and opinions people have with regards to general recreation needs of the community.
    A total of 237 surveys were returned.

    What was the population(s) (N) used for the survey?

    This a interesting question. The entire community is the actual population but since we do no know if every household in the boundaries of this community received a survey what would the population be?
    There is nothing to work out I just need to know if I say that
    (n) = entire community
    or is
    (n) = 2,406.

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    N = Size of the entire community and not just the 2406 houses that received the survey.

    The entire community is the population here ...

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    Specifically, the objectives of this study are: Gaging the opinions and attitudes ...