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    Implication and Assumptions Concerning Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid

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    Identify the implications (at least 2) and limitations (at least 2) on "Should college athletes be paid?

    Answer these questions:
    1) What can be assumed about the idea of 'should college athletes should be paid' and how it represents the population?

    2) What assumptions can be made about the instrument's ability to measure the variables?

    3) What can be assumed about each person answering a survey, questionnaire, or interview questions, truthfully?

    4) Identify the restrictions, such as the limited population for the study.

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    Identify the minimum (2) implications and minimum (2) limitations on "Should college athletes be paid?

    Two minimum implications for paying student athletes are actually major implications as paying student athletes would result in the inevitable problem of only maintaining profitable college programs. The only profitable college programs are those that generate revenue from their sports and these consist of basketball and football at the MAJOR universities that are in the top demographic of rankings consistently. Therefore, programs such as golf, hockey, women's basketball minus a select few of big-name programs, softball, and baseball, all of which mostly fail to generate money would be unable to keep their programs as they wouldn't be able to pay the student athletes. Therefore, a MAJOR implication to paying players at the profitable programs such as football and basketball in notable colleges would be the elimination of most other ...

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