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    Student's t test on sleep deprivation

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    86 total students were asked:

    Do you feel sleep deprived? Mean # hours of sleep
    Yes (51 students) 5.94
    No (35 students) 7.06

    Ho: mean = 7 hours of sleep, no feeling of sleep deprivation
    Ha: mean = < 7 hours of sleep, feeling of sleep deprivation

    Please explain each of the 5 hypothesis steps individually and in detail. (data set is attached)
    1) Determine the null and alternative hypotheses. (done)
    2) *** (this is where I'm stuck - by looking at the data above, is the difference of one population mean or two population means?) Verify necessary data conditions and if they are met, summarize the data into an appropriate test statistic.
    3) Assuming that null hypothesis is true, find p-value
    4) Decide whether or not the result is statistically significant based on the p-value (.05 level of significance)
    5) Report the conclusion

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