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    Inferences from Dependent Samples in Disney movies for alcohol

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    Listed below are times (seconds) that animated Disney movies showed the use of tobacco and alcohol. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the cliam that the mean of the differences is greater than 0 sec, so that more time is devoted to showing tobacco than alcohol. For animated children's movies, how much time should be spent showing the use of tobacco and alcolhol?

    Tobacco use (sec)

    176 51 0 299 74 2 23 205 6 155

    Alcohol use (sec)

    88 33 113 51 0 3 46 73 5 74

    (i) H0: =

    (ii) H1: =

    (iii) Critical value: t =

    (iv) Test statistic: t =

    (v) P-value:

    (vi) Final conclusion (in the words of the problem):

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