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Choosing the Right Sampling Designs

I'm practicing on choosing the right sampling designs. I have come up with answers below but I do not think they are correct. Please, verify and provide the correct answer with explanations.

What kinds of sampling designs would be used for the following?
a. A study to get a quick idea of the medical acceptability of a new aspirin substitute which cannot be dispensed over the counter without prescription.
Possible Answer: This will be convenience sampling since this is not a over the counter drug therefore patients will be drawn from pharmacies.
b. A study involving a sample of 325 students in a university where 2,000 students are enrolled.
Possible Answer: Stratified sampling since there are undergraduate and graduate student??
c. An investigation of the career salience of professionals in the fields of medicine, engineering, business, and law.
Possible Answer: Stratified Random sampling, the professionals are in three different fields??
d. The generalizability of the attitudes of blue collar workers from a sample of 184, to the total population of 350 blue collar workers in the entire factory of a particular company.
Possible Answer: Use simple random sampling where all elements in the population are considered and each element has an equal chance of being chosen

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a. Convenience Sampling. [Since the study needs to be performed quickly and the medicine, being not an over the counter drug, all possible elements cannot be included in the ...