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    Qualitative Data Analysis.

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    Develop a plan for a qualitative analysis, addressing the quantitative study of the fear of crime. Use the results of the survey conducted in (file attached) to develop a qualitative exploration of the topic address the limitations the given research.

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    With a qualitative data analysis, we are looking for the meaning that comes from the data (rather than looking at the numbers, as we would with a quantitative data analysis).

    The first step will be to organize you data and look for patterns. You should organize your data in a way that makes sense to you, based on what you are looking for in your research. For example, you may wish to explore how people who live in the suburbs answer differently from those who live ...

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    This post discusses how to conduct a qualitative data analysis, with sample data; this will include a discussion of limitations to the sample data. The results of the survey conducted to develop a qualitative exploration of the topic address the limitation the given research is examined.