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Forecasting - Linear Regression

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I'm working on linear regression and I'm stuck on the equation because I'm coming up with a negative number which I don't think is an accurate forecast. The problem also asks for error tests, which I think I have the correct formulas for and will work once the first part is done. Please help! Full details and questions attached.

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Trends and Forecasting : Linear Regression and Exponential Smoothing

1- The following data summarizes the historical demand for a product

Month Actual demand
March 20
April 25
May 40
June 35
July 30
August 45

Use exponential smoothing with and the smoothed forecast for July is 32 and determine August and September's smoothed forecasts.


15. Robert has the following accounts on money spent on gambling and winnings:
Money spent Money won
1000 2500
1200 4000
11800 4500
2000 4600
2500 5000
2800 4800
3500 5600
4000 6000
4200 5800
7000 X
Using linear regression, predict x.

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